So this weekend Ashley and I ventured to Chapel Hill to catch a show at Local 506 and to really just get away and explore a city. Weatherbox, The Front Bottoms, and Bad Books played a great show. The Front Bottoms had a totally different approach to their live music than Bad Books, but both were equally amazing in their own ways. I even got a picture with the guys from the Front Bottoms. Their music has helped me a lot and I really had no idea what to say and so I kind of just mumbled to ask them if I could take a picture with them and I told them how much I love their music. I’m kind of mad at myself for being so awkward, speechless, and generic, but I really couldn’t help it. Afterwards I giggled a lot and said thank you, it was a really hilarious experience. Brian said that was one of the funniest after photo reactions they’ve had. I got all shy, I look up to them tons, I don’t know. 

OH! and Bad Book’s exclusive vinyl record and not only does it include the lyrics and pictures in a story book form, but for each song whoever wrote the majority Kevin or Andy, they explained how it originated and progressed. I really wish all bands did this it is about one of the coolest and interesting ways to present your music that I’ve seen. 

I just want to rewind and experience this past weekend over and over again. 

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